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Eco friendly products to use in our everyday life

Eco friendly products

The word ‘eco’ is becoming an integral part of our life. A wide awareness prevails among the public on the necessity to go green and adopt a bio-dynamic lifestyle. A lifestyle that our forefathers lived has to be imbibed today to create a sustainable environment. It is not enough if we only learn the terms related to environment and going green. Every day practices that may include the usage of eco friendly products is an initiative for being environmentally responsible. Let’s look into some options for adopting everyday products that can be a substitute for plastics and other pollution-inducing products that we use.

Eco friendly products

Handmade paper

Papers are one of the main reasons for trees being cut every day in huge numbers. For a change, let’s use handmade papers that are the norm today. Around 70% of the pollution is cut with the usage of handmade paper. They are made from non-wood raw materials which are eco friendly products  and completely harmless for usage. They are also acid free which can be attained in fine and elegant quality.

Eco furniture

Eco furniture are made with enduring materials to sustain a longer time and can also be recycled in future. Some of the furniture designs include removable top and legs that can be disassembled in less than fifteen seconds. There also chairs that are made from straw particle board and recycled steel that make a good use in everyday lifestyle.

Eco Shoes

Leather shoes are old fashioned and eco shoes are the latest trend. With growing population the need for leather has only increased rapidly making the wildlife going extinct. This can completely be avoided with eco-friendly shoes. The shoe is made up of recycled rubber, recycled plastics, waste products, textiles and other synthetic products.

Eco friendly paints

There are new inventions that keep popping up every day to conserve our environment and one such invention is ecofriendly paint. These paints mainly consists of  stains, thinners and waxes which are made from naturally-derived raw materials including citrus peel extracts, essential oils, seed oils, tree resins, inert mineral fillers, tree and bee waxes, lead-free dryers and natural pigments. These paints are non-toxic and can be tinted with any other color non-toxic tints.

Solar products

Solar products are the future of our planet. They are the best alternatives in terms of energy consumption and one of the innovative methods to save our energy resources. Solar products can be widely used for both home and commercial purposes and are cost effective as well.

There are many other ecofriendly products that could act as a substitute to save our planet. Adopt these products in your everyday lifestyle for a sustainable environment.

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