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Green Career for a sustainable future!

With IT sector taking a backseat and jobs being laid off every now and then, it is high time we start exploring the unexplored avenues to create a green career that suits the best for us. Sustainability and green jobs are a growing sector that delivers promising career ahead for those who strive to make a difference in their lifestyle and protect our planet for a sustainable future. This industry has developed to an unbelievable extent today, having a huge workforce that performs a variety of functions ranging from engineering to industrial management. The words “sustainability” and “green” may beseech to the idea of environmental scientists but there are lot of untapped sectors that need to be explored by us. Let us take a look at some of the interesting careers that the green industry has to offer.
Green lifestyle

Air quality forecaster

A sub division of the meteorology department, an air quality forecaster examines the pollution levels in the environment and predict the impact that they will have on the air. They work closely with the meteorologists and provide weather forecast and other data. They also get a chance to work with government bodies to check on the accuracy and quality in forecasting. A significant part of the job is to educate children and create an awareness among the public in terms of the substances that would damage the air quality and create pollution in the environment leading to a green career.


An highly interesting and adventurous job for ocean/sea enthusiasts. A basic bachelor degree or in a related field is required to pursue this career. With scuba diving and CPR certifications, one can create wonders in this field of job. This job is purely multi-faceted which involves feeding the animals, interacting with them, maintaining machinery, designing exhibits and educating the visitors.

Aquatic biologists

Aquatic biologists is a thriving area of study where one has to work with biological life that lives in wetlands, ponds, streams, lakes and rivers. While marine biologists deal only with the species on Ocean, aquatic biologists get a chance to work in many disciplines like conservation, pollution monitoring and management, species protection and water composition. They mainly study fish, plankton, and invasive species in academics. Explore the life of aquatic lives with this field of study which leads to a green career

Ecotourism guide

One of the most adventurous and desirable jobs that the sustainable industry has to offer. There are lot of eco trips being organized nowadays and many of the tourists lack awareness on how to leave the place without the trails of plastics and combustible items. The role of an ecotourism guide is huge here and he creates an awareness among the tourists to be responsible and “encourages sustainability” in them. The main education requirement is that they should have a background in environmental studies and can come from all walks of life.

Geophysical Engineer

Geophysical engineer is a profession that requires lot of commitment and dedication and is purely based on the interest of an individual. They work is to identify the potential mining sites, determining valuable resources are there and designing the efficient way to extract those resources from the site. A bachelor’s degree is required from a recognized institution and gaining proper license further.

There may be differences from every other career, but they seem to be growing rapidly with technological advancement on one side and the need to protect world’s natural resources which are becoming more and scarce. Choose a career that requires your skill and hard work which ultimately helps to make this planet a better to live in for a long time. In Robert Frost’s words
Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.

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