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Measures to make our lifestyle paperless

There are innumerable solutions to make our life easy with the help of technology. We have remarkably progressed to an extent where we have a solution to every problem we face. The question arises, if we have effectively implemented these solutions or not. The major concern before us is a sustainable and a pollution-less planet for our future generation. We are indeed duty bound to conserve the resources and provide an ecofriendly environment for generations to come.

For a Paperless Lifestyle

paperless lifestyle


Even with digital being a rage today, the measure to save the tree by limited usage of paper has not gone down at all. According to a research, the global wood harvest is taken away by 42% of paper requirements. Also 324 liters of water is needed in the manufacturing of one kilogram of paper. So the imminent question is that, even when eBooks and online magazines have become the norm today, why have we not reduced the paper consumption? What should we do more in our capacity to make everyone go paperless as much as possible and make it a paperless lifestyle? Let’s look out some possible options here.

Many of the voracious book readers, still prefer to read it in the conventional manner because of a nostalgic obsession towards it. On one hand, the old and classic version of the books can render the nostalgia to the readers, on the other hand an awareness about the horrible consequences of paper cutting can be created. Also the new edition of the books could be released only on-line which would prevent the readers from buying new ones.

Most of the exams have reduced to the aspect of objective or multiple choice questions. While this is becoming a norm, a further measure towards ensuring paper wastage is making those exams digital or online. Here, it is not only the paper that is saved but also the manual correction of the answer sheets can be avoided.

Most of the magazines and journals, are available online today. However to make the readers avoid buying the physical books would be to increase the cost more and decrease the cost of online subscription. As the smart phones are available to many people today, it would definitely have a good reach among them, thus possibly a kick start for a paperless lifestyle.

Apart from all these aspects, a proper awareness about the horrifying facts of paper wastage has to be created among people. Also, it is not just the paper usage becomes less with going digital, there are many other advantages associated with it. The night mode and day mode, screen brightness/resolution and the anti-glaring solutions are a boon to the eyes of the reader. The only significant fact to be noted is that the posture should be maintained perfectly while reading. With a good awareness initiative and wider choices to opt for digital, paperless day is not far from today.

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